A little surprise is on its way next Wednesday…

A little surprise is on its way next Wednesday…

SHOF03 - P.SUS - Reassurance

With one week to go before the fantastic 'Inner Moonlight' is released, we have snuck in a cheeky single release of 'Reassurance'; P.SUS's fantastic sunbeaming trip-hop & bass masterpiece.

The single features three exceptional remixes from two Shoes Off favourites…
The first is by fellow South England electro-wizard, Jeesh, who is responsible for this superb collection of ‘Laputa: Castle in the Sky’ sampling jams.
And the other two are by none other than Oxford based hip-hop jockey, Vanilla, who’s soul-tastic beat collection, ‘Soft Focus’, is still on a regular rotation here at Shoes Off HQ.
Both remixes take the original into wildly different worlds and with magical results…
.. if we do say so ourselves!

The single is available to download RIGHT NOW from our Shoes Off Bancamp Page. And don’t forget to head over to the Shoes Off Facebook Page to give us a like and let us know what you think.

Until Monday…

P.SUS - Reassurance (SHOF03)
1. Reassurance
2. Reassurance (Jeesh Remix)
3. Reassurance (Vanilla Remix)
4. Reassurance (Vanilla Instrumental)

SHOF05 - P.SUS - Inner Moonlight

It is with great excitement that we announce our first release from Pittsburgh based, heart-beat-smith, P.SUS, in the form of the superb new EP, 'Inner Moonlight'
- coming to a comfy place near you on July 16th.

P.SUS’ Patrick Susoeff has been making ♪ from the ♥ for the better part of the last two years and has put out some of our favourite releases in that time, including the absolutely stunning, 'Heart Beats', and the exceptionally ethereal full length, 'Sky Rhythms'.
With his new eight track EP, 'Inner Moonlight', SUS changes things up a little and swaps out his traditional laid back grooves for a more energetic collection of jungly drum & bass influenced numbers.

Written for the magical pre-sunset hours of the morning, 'Inner Moonlight' is a collection of introspective explorations in rhythm and melody, utilising P.SUS’ unique blend of prismatic chord structure, pin point accurate sampling and an unmistakable passion for the jazzier side of life.
From the piano love story of 'To You' to lunar crooner 'Stay', the afro-capoeira jam 'Te Amo' to sunshiney lead single, 'Reassurance' (more details on that V soon!), P.SUS exhibits a consistently unique and engaging style of night time grooving that will have fans new and old avoiding their bedtimes for the foreseeable future!

'Inner Moonlight' will be available to purchase on July 16th through the ever trusty Shoes Off Bandcamp with the 'Reassurance' single dropping two weeks prior to that alongside some very exciting remixes.
It’s a while to wait, we know, but we’re damn sure it’ll be worth it!

For now though, why not enjoy a little piece of moonlight…

P.SUS - Inner Moonlight (SHOF05)
1. This Moment
2. Nobody Else
3. To You
4. Stay
5. Early Departure
6. Reassurance
7. Hey!
8. Te Amo

SHOF04 - Enjoyed - Sugar

The brand new EP from Enjoyed is here! Chock full of colour and warmth, and with a healthy dose of joystep, ‘Sugar’ takes a slightly darker venture into the musical world of UK producer, Peter Evans-Pritchard. Kicking things off with the epic, 'Teeth', Enjoyed weaves melodies and beats around each other into a spiraling hazey slab of 90s techno. This is swiftly followed by the rougeoyer journey, 'Milk'; an 148bpm progstep jam splattered with psychedelic vocal samples and glitched out drums. Next up, 'Sunrun', steps up to the plate with 11 and a half minutes of crunchy sweet rhythms and harmonies; the perfect soundtrack to a jog round the block. And finally, slow builder, 'Alunir', fills to the brim with blissed out guitars and vocals before crashing into a sea of fuzzy house hats and and the sound of stars in space.

Sound delicious? We think so, that’s why we’ve decided to offer 'Sugar' completely free of charge! All you have to do is head over to the Shoes Off Bandcamp and pop in your email address to receive your free copy of the EP. Alternatively, you can venture over to Enjoyed’s website and sign up to the mailing list to be sent a link to download the EP direct to your inbox.

Now, for all you physical lovers out there, there will be a limited run of the EP released on CD, complete with signed prints of one or all of your favourite artworks (those pictures up the top there ^). You can pre-order your copy right now from the same Bandcamp page, just make sure you let us know which print you’d like included in your package.

That’s all for now folks. Be sure to let us know what you think over on the Shoes Off Facebook page. And make sure you click ‘like’ as well to keep up to date with future Shoes Off news. The next release is just around the corner…


For our second release on Shoes Off we will be joining forces with the super awesome folks at LOAF to bring you the next Enjoyed EP, ‘Paws Extended’.

'Paws Extended' is an 8 track EP featuring the original tracks from Enjoyed's debut EP, 'Oscar', alongside 4 fabulous new remixes from electronica’s finest.
It’s the perfect digital introduction to Enjoyed for anyone who didn’t want a 90’s themed limited edition cassette tape lying around their house…
..there must have been some.

The remixes featured are of the lead track, Paws’ and come courtesy of 4 fantastic producers all making waves over the interweb.
The first is by L.A. Homeboys, NazcarNation, who drag the original by the hands into a sun-soaked beach party full of joyfous marimbas and beaming basslines.
Next up is Brixton based duo, Glyphs who strip back the original into a dreamy lullaby of arpeggios and bass bumps.
Then we have Oxford’s best kept secret Vanilla who’s dusky sundown version is guaranteed to keep you funking right through to summer.
And finally, we have the darker than dark, Ghosting Season, who aptly transfor the original into a haunting soundscape of distant rhythms and rumbling textures.
It’s all quite a treat, if we do say so ourselves!

So feast your eyes on the tracklist then follow the links below to grab your copy now.

1. Paws
2. Waterfoot
3. Pupsqueak
4. Swap
5. Paws (NazcarNation Remake)
6. Paws (Glyphsmix)
7. Paws (Vanilla Remix
8. Paws (Ghosting Season Remix)

iTunes UK
iTunes US


For those of you who have purchased one of our lovely Enjoyed cassettes, you probably don’t want to buy the whole Oscar EP again so, especially for you, we are also releasing 'Paws Remixes', which will feature just the 4 remixes on their lonesome and a special bonus video edit of the original. ‘Paws Remixes’ will be available to download from our Bandcamp site very shortly…

New video for ‘Paws’ by Enjoyed.
Directed by Arthur Chance and Skander Allani.

SHOF03 taster…

SHOF02. Coming soon.

SHOF02. Coming soon.