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Shoes Off is the work of me, Peter Evans-Pritchard.

I'm a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon.


Beginning in 2011, Shoes Off has been a steadily evolving stage for my creative visual endeavours. Growing up with a love for the stylings of Airside, Kate Gibb & Tomato, I continue to explore new disciplines and hone my skills in order to produce exciting, vibrant and meaningful designs.

On my journey so far I have found myself creating logos, infographics, flyers, album artwork, CD designs & layout, event ticketing, web content, animated cover art, cassette releases, UI, posters, and more - on projects for Enjoyed, Syngenta, The Chemical Brothers, Instinct and Reason, Farnham Sixth Form College, Soldridge Music Festival & LoAF, to name a few. 


If you're looking for a fresh faced fella to help with any kind of visual communication you may be working on, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

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