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Morning Ceramics Studio

My wife and I opened up a community ceramics studio in October of 2018 and, along with the day to day running of the space, I have been producing all of the graphics, posters, signage, marketing material and branding.

Before we opened I worked on a logo for the studio. Beginning with the obvious theme of the potters wheel, I also wanted to represent the idea of 'morning' and the possibilities it provides - something that also factored into the decision for the name of the studio - the result was the circle form of the logo that gradually breaks into a clay trail as it reaches the end of the "day". The line under the lettering also forms a sort of horizon, with the top of the circle doubling as a sunrise.

From there I developed a style sheet and colour scheme that we have been utilising throughout our website, posters, flyers, business cards, signs and more.

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