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Wedding Invitations

In October 2017 I got married to the absolute best girl around. We planned our big day ourselves and I elected to be in charge of all of the design aspects of the big day.

The design began with the colour scheme, which was based on our initial idea of 'milk & honey' (she loves bees, I love breakfast!).

With the colours solidified I began to put together the various invite components. Playing more with the milk and honey theme I developed the hexagon shape and the milk drop for the Save The Date, while the main invite was built around an abstracted design I created using images and textures from photos of our engagement in downtown Portland.

We wanted to keep the wording of the main invite fun and playful rather than too 'proper', which resulted in the 'Are you coming or what?' title for the RSVPs. The three parts of the main invite were finally displayed in a gatefold envelope with a pocket for the Reception section, RSVP, and return envelope.

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